You are strong, passionate and living life out loud.

You are looking for a photographer who can take the vision of what you want and match it with
their expertise and artistic eye. You want to work with someone who is fun and will create an
experience tailored just for you. Whether it is for your wedding, engagement, real estate or
headshots, you need a badass photographer to match your badass life.

Hi! My name is Steph. Let’s chat over a craft beer.

I’ve been in photography for over fifteen years capturing the memories and beauty of many
brides, weddings, engagements, families and individuals. Based between Cleveland (the city I
love) and Charlotte (the husband I love), I am obsessed with all things the Browns, the Indians,
Lake Erie and Cleveland food and beer.

I believe that every love story is luxurious and is deserving of being told.
I believe that every image we create can tell a story.
I believe that you deserve an experience of creativity and fun.

Let’s make magic together.